Vizsla Rescue strongly advocates the neutering of dogs/bitches to benefit their long-term health and welfare, prevent indiscriminate breeding and reduce the spread of disease.

Vizsla Rescue will neuter dogs/bitches prior to re-homing in most instances, the exception being dogs/bitches which are either too young or too old, or there being medical reasons why a dog/bitch cannot undergo the neutering operation.

Under no circumstances must any Vizsla Rescue dog/bitch be used for breeding and for this reason we have a strict neutering policy because it is the only 100% guaranteed way of preventing “accidents”.

Vizsla Rescue prefers that the dogs are in a good mental state before neutering, hence why some dogs will go with a neutering agreement. We believe that each dog is an individual but we prefer them to be as close to 2 years old as is possible to ensure they are fully grown both physically and mentally. There will be exceptions to this but these will be discussed on potential adoption.

On completion of the neutering surgery, Vizsla Rescue requires a letter from a registered Veterinarian to confirm that the neutering has taken place.