If you are wanting to re-home your Vizsla please fill in our re-homing form.

If you don’t know much about the Vizsla, please take some time and read our information leaflet before completing this form.  The Vizsla is a fantastic dog, but it isn’t for everyone.  Have a look at https://www.vizslarescue.org.uk/about-us/about-the-breed/.

This form is used to populate our adoption candidate list. If you do not wish to be added to the list then please don’t submit a form. Your personal information will only ever be used in the consideration of adopting a vizsla and is not shared with other organisations.

Adopting a Vizsla
Do you have written permission from the landlord to have a dog live with you? Or are you the owner of the property? *
Is your garden secure? *
Are you planning on moving home in the next 6 months? *
Are you planning any holidays in the next 6 months? *
Would you consider adopting an older Vizsla (8 years +)? *
Would you consider adopting a Wirehaired Vizsla? *
Would you consider a Vizsla crossed with another breed (e.g. Vizsla crossed with a Weimaraner)? *
Would you consider adopting a pair of Vizslas as we sometimes get dogs that are already living together and we don't want to split them up? *
Do you have a preference to the gender of the Vizsla you want to adopt? *
Are any of the following characteristics mandatory of any dog you would like to adopt?
Would you be able to adopt a Vizsla who has shown previous behaviour issues? Such as separation anxiety, resource guarding or a dog who may have bitten? *Please note, if you have children, you would not be considered for a dog who had bitten or shown aggression*. *
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