Vizsla Rescue

About Vizsla Rescue

Vizsla Rescue is a charity that exists to help re-home Hungarian Vizsla's whose owners can not keep them or do not want them any more – for whatever reason. With over 35 years experience of the breed the Vizsla Rescue team is run entirely on a voluntary basis, all with first hand experience of owning and caring for their own Vizslas and rescue Vizslas.
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What we do
Adopting a Vizsla

Vizsla looking left

If you are interested in adopting a Vizsla please complete the form below. One of our team will contact you to gather any additional information that may be useful in matching you to the right dog.
Adoption Form

About the breed

Vizsla puppy looking forward

The Vizsla is a dog breed originating in Hungary, which are part of the HPR (Hunt, Point, Retrieve) group. The Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla are sporting dogs and loyal companions. The Vizsla is a natural hunter endowed with an excellent nose and high trainability. Although they are lively, gentle mannered….
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End of Life Vizslas

Snowy faced vizsla looking right

Sylvia Cox has been rescuing and helping re-home Hungarian Vizslas for over 35 years. She has welcomed hundreds of dogs into her home for assessment and a place of refuge until the time comes for them to fly the nest and start their new lives with new loving families.

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Vizsla & her sister

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