Vizsla Rescue is a charity that exists to help re-home Hungarian Vizsla’s whose owners can no longer keep them for a variety of reason. We offer advice and support as we understand the decision to rehome your vizsla if often very difficult.

With over 35 years’ experience of the breed, the Vizsla Rescue team is run entirely on a voluntary basis, all with first-hand experience of owning and caring for their own Vizslas and rescue Vizslas.

We do get a high number of dogs in from a variety of backgrounds and some are more difficult to find homes for than others. Sadly, it is not possible to rehome all dogs, as they may be considered to be unsafe due to their behavioural history; often associated with biting.

However, the rescue does ultimately aim to place dogs into new homes after thorough assessment and therefore the rehoming process is carefully tailored to each applicant, so please allow plenty of time for this. We take Vizslas from all over mainland UK and because of this you will potentially need to travel to meet and collect your adopted Vizsla.

Vizsla Rescue provide the resources to enable:

  • Collecting of Vizslas
  • Visiting new homes
  • Interviewing of new owners
  • Telephone support talking to people most of whom are at a difficult crossroads in their own lives
  • Taking calls from people who show an interest in offering a home for a Vizsla and establishing that it will be a good and permanent home
  • Providing information for those who want to know more

Vizsla Rescue is run entirely by volunteers on a non-profit basis, but running costs are high; food, vets bills and administration need to be paid for. Luckily, many are willing to contribute to this effort and it is only the generosity of these individuals that allow the Vizsla Rescue to continue its vital work.

If you need to get in contact with us you can find our details on our contact page.