On 16th October 2016, Kristy Housley will be running a half marathon. In the lead up to her challenge and to make all the hard work worthwhile she is trying to raise money for Vizsla Rescue.

From all at Vizsla Rescue – thank you Kristy for thinking of us!

If you can, please show Kristy your support and visit our justgiving page to donate.

As ASDA says “Every little helps!”


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One thought on “Running for Vizslas

  1. My wife and I would like to say a big thank you to Vizsla Rescue as we received our new addition to the family in July (wow doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!)
    Our beautiful girl ‘Mollie’ previously ‘Brandy’ is almost 12 months old and has settled in perfectly. We can’t imagine life without her. (as I write she has just come into my office carrying a plastic toy ‘stolen’ from the grand-kids bedroom, just to get my attention).
    She came into our lives at a crucial stage as we had, just the previous month, lost our 9 year old Viz Harvey to bone cancer 5 days after returning home from a 3 month tour of Europe. the only consolation is that he thoroughly enjoyed his European adventure and charmed the socks off so many people in France, Spain and Portugal. It hardly needs to be said that we were absolutely devastated by his unexpected loss and both my wife and I felt so sad and empty.
    We had previously planned to seek out a rescue Viz when we returned from Europe, as we had 2 years previously lost our old Girl Max to old age at 14 years and a we felt a new companion for Harvey would be just the ticket. However, sadly, this wasn’t to be.
    We were a little apprehensive of taking on such a young dog as we are fully aware of the issues that can arise especially with the Vizsla breed but we have been quite surprised just how easy it has been this time around but also how much fun it has been. she is (as all Vizslas need to be) spoiled rotten! she has made herself thoroughly at home choosing her own easy chair near the lounge window where she can see what is going on down the garden, She loves to bark at the wood-pigeons and squirrels and the odd cat as they invade ‘her’ garden. She adores our 5 grandchildren ages from 14 down to twins at 3 1/2 years. and they adore her too even if she is sometimes a little too boisterous for the little ones when she is excited.

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