It is always extremely hard when we welcome a new dog into our care for rehoming. Their whole world as they know it has been turned upside down and they are now with new people, in a new environment.

Younger dogs quickly adapt to their new world and soon start bouncing around greeting us like best friends. However, it is the older dogs many seem to forget – after having lived many years in the comfort of their own home, with their family, their known routine, familiar smells and sounds they are suddenly removed to a new place, with new people, new sounds and a different routine.

We always ensure the transition for every dog is as smooth and comfortable as possible – showering them lots of attention and love but we find due to the older ages 7+ of these dogs not many people enquire about them.

They still need love, plenty of walks and a comfy sofa to snuggle on and as we all know, this breed doesn’t lack energy which is still plentiful even with a grey face.

If you are thinking about offering a home to a Vizsla – please don’t forget about the oldies.


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