Saving a life

What a busy few days for the Vizsla Community & Vizsla Rescue! As many of you may have seen on Facebook, this weekend, a lovely young female Vizsla was brought to everyone’s attention – she looked like she had been used for breeding and now was no longer wanted.

With the help of the Vizsla community; Tanya & her husband, Paul went in and brought this girl home (now called Ruby). She is now safe with the lovely Joelle who is taking great care of her. Ruby will be assessed there & cared for as long as she needs.

Vizsla Rescue will be supporting Ruby with any expenditures (food etc), as well as any veterinary treatment that she needs. When we & Joelle are happy that Ruby is ready she will then be re-homed where she can start her life as a true Vizsla (obviously being spoilt rotten).

As a charity we do not and cannot buy dogs, we can however, help like we are doing with Ruby – supporting her, her foster parents and ensuring she finds her forever home.

As a team we would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Tanya, Paul, Joelle and all the others who have helped save this girl. The Vizsla community, as we have said before is one that continues to amaze us every day and we are all honoured to be a part of it.

To find out more about us and what we do please feel free to contact us.

Ruby - New addition to Vizsla Rescue
Ruby – New addition to Vizsla Rescue
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Running for Vizslas

On 16th October 2016, Kristy Housley will be running a half marathon. In the lead up to her challenge and to make all the hard work worthwhile she is trying to raise money for Vizsla Rescue.

From all at Vizsla Rescue – thank you Kristy for thinking of us!

If you can, please show Kristy your support and visit our justgiving page to donate.

As ASDA says “Every little helps!”

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Ginger Spirit

The Vizsla community is one that never ceases to amaze any of us here at Vizsla Rescue HQ. We recently heard of the extremely sad passing of a young, very loved Vizsla named Chesney. Understandably his family were distraught so Emily contacted a few in the Vizsla community along with friends of the family  and did what they do best and pulled together. With love and a couple of very talented ladies they organised 2 lasting memoirs of the beautiful boy.

Everyone helped to rally the troops – around 35 people pooled together where they contacted a very special artist and friend of Vizsla Rescue, Gillian Heaphy. A picture of Chesney was sent to her which she turned into a painted masterpiece. The painting was sent to Chesney’s family in honour of him with the hope of bringing some comfort to them at this horrible time.

But they didn’t stop there as another wonderful lady was contacted – who is known as ‘The Nutty Knitter’. The Nutty Knitter created a mini Chesney for the families smallest member to cherish forever and it really is wonderful.

Although Chesney was not a rescue Vizsla, it still hits the tight knit community hard and we all share in the pain of losing such a wonderful member. We would like to thank everyone who helped with this collection. As well as organising such amazing keepsakes they were able to share and make a donation in honour of Chesney to the Vizslas in our care.

On behalf of all at Vizsla Rescue, 2 and 4 legged – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

RIP Chesney x


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Fostering A Vizsla


Have you ever thought about opening your home to a foster Vizsla or two?

Helping the dogs in our care doesn’t always mean donations – best of all you can give a Vizsla the most amazing gift of all – a loving home!

If it is something you have thought about but need more information please get in touch on

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There is no shame in growing old

It is always extremely hard when we welcome a new dog into our care for rehoming. Their whole world as they know it has been turned upside down and they are now with new people, in a new environment.

Younger dogs quickly adapt to their new world and soon start bouncing around greeting us like best friends. However, it is the older dogs many seem to forget – after having lived many years in the comfort of their own home, with their family, their known routine, familiar smells and sounds they are suddenly removed to a new place, with new people, new sounds and a different routine.

We always ensure the transition for every dog is as smooth and comfortable as possible – showering them lots of attention and love but we find due to the older ages 7+ of these dogs not many people enquire about them.

They still need love, plenty of walks and a comfy sofa to snuggle on and as we all know, this breed doesn’t lack energy which is still plentiful even with a grey face.

If you are thinking about offering a home to a Vizsla – please don’t forget about the oldies.


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It all started with a sneeze


For years now I have loved writing and I have always wanted to write a Children’s book.

About 2 years ago I was feeling creative so I sat down one day and wrote the words to a picture book called ‘It all started with a sneeze’ staring my very own Olive dog! 

Bearing in mind it was something written as a bit of fun I put the draft away and did not think very much more about it. I also needed an illustrator and as I can just about draw a stick man I did not think it would turn into much more than my scribbles. 

However, after joining Vizsla Rescue, I saw and heard first-hand the amazing work Sylvia and the others do for this breed that we all love so much and not forgetting the added financial strain that goes with it, I therefore decided to get to work turning these scribbles into a book. The plan was that I would donate all proceeds it generated to Vizsla Rescue. 

I went on the mission to find an illustrator and luckily for me Adele Jackson was just around the corner. Adele has known my mum and aunt for many years and as well as rescuing her own dog she also once knew a Vizsla so she was more than happy to help with my project. 

I took my manuscript over to Adele’s house along with pictures of Olive and a few scribbled notes of my visions for illustrations and how I had imagined the book to look. I had never seen anything Adele had drawn and although I was assured her drawings were amazing, nothing could prepare me for how fantastically talented she really was. Adele showed me drawing after drawing and also Children’s book illustrations she had created on a course she did in Italy a few years earlier…To put it lightly – I was blown away!

Fast forward to now and we have now completed this amazing project, with the books printed and available to buy. It has been a great journey, one that has created friendships and taught me a great deal about a new process and the willingness of people to help this fabulous breed.

The book was created as a little bit of fun and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed making it. 

Emily & Olive


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Our Day at Crufts

On Friday 11th March we headed to Crufts. Emily travelled from Hertfordshire, bringing our information leaflets and the copies of her book, Natascha and Sylvia travelled from Grantham together, with their car fit to bursting, with mugs, cushions, notelets and Natascha’s Vizsla Angel who was competing later that day. Amanda and Claire travelled from the Peak District bringing our float, receipts and the most important thing – lunch!

We all met at the Vizsla ring in hall 4 at around 7:30am all laden with goodies. Our stand was right on the edge of the ring so we had the perfect view all day of the beautiful Vizslas.

We set up the table, keeping everything quite simple and elegant with only a few examples of our stock on show and some perfect ‘ginger’ roses.

We had our stunning greeting cards which were illustrated by the exceptionally talented Gillian Heaphy, who also has a rescue Vizsla from us.

These were accompanied by our ‘Arthur’ range. Arthur is a rescue Vizsla who was rehomed last year to a lovely lady who is also a wonderful artist – Arthur’s drawing has been placed on a handmade cushion, greetings cards, notelets and a fab bone china mug.

We also had the launch of Emily’s Children’s book which she wrote staring her own Vizsla, Olive.

The day flew by with lots of people popping over to have a chat, ask advice about adopting a Vizsla, help with existing Vizslas or to buy some of our merchandise. We had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Juta who is the star on the latest cards designed and sold by Gillian (some of you may have seen her competition running on Facebook). Gillian has very kindly offered a donation to Vizsla Rescue from the sale of these cards, which we are extremely grateful for.

All in all we all had an amazing time and want to thank everyone who stopped by to see us.

All products that were purchased go towards the upkeep of Vizslas in our care and any newbies that join us. Without your support we couldn’t do what we do and continue to help our wonderful breed so again, thank you from all the team!

Our Crufts adventure did not stop there and Amanda headed back up with Grant and Amanda’s gorgeous Viz, Agi. They were on the breed stand for Discover Dogs which allows people to learn more about specific breeds and meet and example of the breed.

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Crufts 2016

We are so excited to announce that we will be at Crufts 2016 on Friday 11th March. We will have some beautiful and exclusive Vizsla Rescue goodies available to purchase – with all proceeds going to the Vizslas that need our care.

We will also be launching some BRAND NEW exciting, bespoke stock and hope you will all pop over and see us!

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New Year’s Resolution!

As part of our new charity status, new website and the New Year, we have set ourselves a New Year’s resolution…

We appreciate every donation that comes to us big or small – every little helps and goes towards the many costs we have. For example last year our vets fees alone were nearly £12,500 and our food costs were around £1,500 (and not all food is claimed by coordinators). Therefore as a New Year’s Resolution we are going to do our upmost to post thankyous, thanking as many donators as we can on not just our Facebook page, but also our website. We do try and send reply’s after receiving donations that come in but we want to thank everyone just that a little bit more.

A few recent donations have come in from the following: Alison Forbes, Hazel Crawford-Senior, Jo Hicklin and the South Warwickshire Viz Whizzers.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support.

Love the Rescue Team x

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Thank you to the Viz Whizzers!

From the beaches of Cornwall to the Highlands in Scotland, Vizsla owners across the UK meet on a regular basis to partake in what’s known to Vizsla owners as ‘Viz Whizzes’. A ‘Viz Whizz’ can be anything from a gathering of a few ginger nutters to a whole group of 50+ Vizslas doing what they do best…zooming!

Apart from all the fun the Vizslas have, including the  muddy bellies that are created, Vizsla owners (although you never really own a Vizsla, they own you), come together and organise a collection which is sent to not only ourselves but other doggie charities here and abroad.

Recently we have received wonderful donations from the Derbyshire Viz Whizzers, the Scottish Mega Whizz, and the Wales & South West Vizz Whizzers. Another amazing Viz Whizz group who we receive regular donations from is the London & Surrey Viz Whizzers. We are extremely grateful for these kind donations and without them we couldn’t do what we do for all the Vizslas that come into our care.

If you would like to find out more about a Viz Whizz near you there are several groups on Facebook designated to areas across the UK.

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Vizsla Rescue gains charity status

Vizsla Rescue which was setup to promote humane behaviour towards the Hungarian Vizsla dogs. By providing appropriate care, protection, treatment and security for this breed of dog which are in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill usage. It also has a secondary objective to educate the public in matters pertaining to dog welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among all types of dogs.

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