The Vizsla community is one that never ceases to amaze any of us here at Vizsla Rescue HQ. We recently heard of the extremely sad passing of a young, very loved Vizsla named Chesney. Understandably his family were distraught so Emily contacted a few in the Vizsla community along with friends of the family  and did what they do best and pulled together. With love and a couple of very talented ladies they organised 2 lasting memoirs of the beautiful boy.

Everyone helped to rally the troops – around 35 people pooled together where they contacted a very special artist and friend of Vizsla Rescue, Gillian Heaphy. A picture of Chesney was sent to her which she turned into a painted masterpiece. The painting was sent to Chesney’s family in honour of him with the hope of bringing some comfort to them at this horrible time.

But they didn’t stop there as another wonderful lady was contacted – who is known as ‘The Nutty Knitter’. The Nutty Knitter created a mini Chesney for the families smallest member to cherish forever and it really is wonderful.

Although Chesney was not a rescue Vizsla, it still hits the tight knit community hard and we all share in the pain of losing such a wonderful member. We would like to thank everyone who helped with this collection. As well as organising such amazing keepsakes they were able to share and make a donation in honour of Chesney to the Vizslas in our care.

On behalf of all at Vizsla Rescue, 2 and 4 legged – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

RIP Chesney x


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