New 2018 Christmas Card

This year we will be launching a new Christmas card and we need your help to name it!!

The competition for name ideas will run from now until Sunday 1st October at 8pm when a winner will be announced. The winner will receive a pack of our bespoke Christmas cards.

We are extremely lucky at Vizsla Rescue that we get to work with some fantastic artists who give up their precious time and skill to help us raise much needed funds for the Vizslas in our care.

We would like a say a huge thank you, firstly to Hartwig Humpel for letting us use this stunning image of the beautiful and regal ‘Lea’ and secondly to the amazing artist Penny Snook who has drawn this incredible image for us to use. Thank you to you both from the bottom of our hearts.

Please submit your ideas below & feel free to share!

The cards will be going on sale in the next few weeks from our online shop!

To enter our competition visit our Facebook page.

Expansion of the VR Team!

The Vizsla Rescue team are delighted to announce the expansion of our team by welcoming the wonderful Di Coupland to the team.

Di and her husband Mick are the proud owners of the gorgeous Scarlet who they adopted from us last year.

Di & Mick have had vizslas for many years . Their last vizsla was also a rescue from us 13 years ago – Di said “she was the best dog ever” sadly they lost her at 14 years old in 2015.

When Di is not out running, taking long walks or socialising with Scarlet, you can usually find them away for a trip in their fab caravan.

Di said “Vizslas are most definitely in our blood now, we love how loyal, loveable and funny they are, not to mention stunning.

As my precious sign says ‘all you need is love and a Vizsla!'”.

Welcome to the Vizsla Rescue family Di! 👏🏻

King of the Castle

Meet Jango a very spoilt and highly adored handsome boy!

Jango was adopted at the beginning of the year through no fault of his own and has well and truly got his paws under the table.

With acres of land on the backdoor of his luxury pad he enjoys lots of walks exploring new places and meeting new dogs and people. When he’s at home and his owner, Sam is working he takes residence on ‘his’ footstool in front of her desk and has a little snooze.

Sam said “I can’t imagine life without him – he brings me so much joy and makes me laugh everyday”.

Another happy love story 💙

Ginger brothers come in all shapes and sizes

It’s raining it’s pouring, ginger Vizslas wish they were snoring!

Below we have some extremely handsome gingers – medium and giant who will hopefully brighten a very miserable Tuesday!

After a short stay with Amanda and Jim, this lovely boy (right on the pairs pic) went to live in his new home, with his new vizsla brother.

Sampson is a wonderful character who was rehomed through no fault of his own and is now living a wonderful life in the countryside, along side his new slightly larger companions.

It took him a few days to figure out what the horses were, having never met any – but he soon figured they are a good source of treats!

Well done Sampson 👏🏻 we are so pleased you love your new home .

Brotherly Love

This double duo are brothers who have just embarked on their new lives at their new home.

These two are completely inseparable, best friends and do not leave each other’s side.

They now live in the middle of the countryside surrounded by fields, woodland and magical rivers. They are loving exploring (always keeping an eye on each other) and are utterly adored by their new owners.

New family life

This is the beautiful Jess who was rehomed at the start of the year. Through no fault of her own, her owners working hours increased so they didn’t feel they had enough time to give her the love and exercise she deserved and needed. As a very much loved girl we had to find her a wonderful, special home – she now lives with another family, where she goes to work everyday with her owner and is showered with kisses and cuddles from her smaller owners every evening. Her days are filled with exploring the vast countryside on their back doorsteps & she is one loved, happy girl.

Brecca Update

Beautiful Brecca arrived safely at Sylvia’s last weekend.

She is very sweet natured and has fallen in love with one of our other dogs – Mac. Sylvia is working with her everyday to build up trust and teach her some more English! She must still think she’s in Spain with all this glorious weather!

She won’t be going anywhere for a little while until we are completely happy we know her inside out. From what we can tell so far, she’s a lovely young lady, with lots to give.

We will be considering homes from existing applications.


We have some lovely news to share with you all today.

This is Breca (right) who is an 8 month old Vizsla from Spain. Breca was found dumped at the side of the road a little while ago and was rescued by Weimaraner SOS where she was placed into the safety of foster care.

Breca was found in an awful condition, where it is assumed as she has little to zero prey drive she was dumped by a hunter who had no use for her.

Well the good news is – She is now on her way to the UK! There were lots of tears from her foster family but we are looking forward to welcoming her to VR HQ where she will stay with Sylvia. She will need to learn some English and have some re-training as well as acclimatise to our rain and cold weather (fingers crossed the sun comes out) but before long she will be ready to start her new life with a new family. We already have potential homes in mind for her but until she’s been in our care and assessed we are unsure which will be the best fit for her or her new family.

If you would like to keep up to date with her travels to the UK keep an eye on our page as we will share updates.

If you would like to donate to help her with her new life in the U.K. any donation however small is greatly appreciated – our PayPal is

Running for Vizslas

On 16th October 2016, Kristy Housley will be running a half marathon. In the lead up to her challenge and to make all the hard work worthwhile she is trying to raise money for Vizsla Rescue.

From all at Vizsla Rescue – thank you Kristy for thinking of us!

If you can, please show Kristy your support and visit our justgiving page to donate.

As ASDA says “Every little helps!”

Ginger Spirit

The Vizsla community is one that never ceases to amaze any of us here at Vizsla Rescue HQ. We recently heard of the extremely sad passing of a young, very loved Vizsla named Chesney. Understandably his family were distraught so Emily contacted a few in the Vizsla community along with friends of the family  and did what they do best and pulled together. With love and a couple of very talented ladies they organised 2 lasting memoirs of the beautiful boy.

Everyone helped to rally the troops – around 35 people pooled together where they contacted a very special artist and friend of Vizsla Rescue, Gillian Heaphy. A picture of Chesney was sent to her which she turned into a painted masterpiece. The painting was sent to Chesney’s family in honour of him with the hope of bringing some comfort to them at this horrible time.

But they didn’t stop there as another wonderful lady was contacted – who is known as ‘The Nutty Knitter’. The Nutty Knitter created a mini Chesney for the families smallest member to cherish forever and it really is wonderful.

Although Chesney was not a rescue Vizsla, it still hits the tight knit community hard and we all share in the pain of losing such a wonderful member. We would like to thank everyone who helped with this collection. As well as organising such amazing keepsakes they were able to share and make a donation in honour of Chesney to the Vizslas in our care.

On behalf of all at Vizsla Rescue, 2 and 4 legged – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

RIP Chesney x


Fostering A Vizsla


Have you ever thought about opening your home to a foster Vizsla or two?

Helping the dogs in our care doesn’t always mean donations – best of all you can give a Vizsla the most amazing gift of all – a loving home!

If it is something you have thought about but need more information please get in touch on

There is no shame in growing old

It is always extremely hard when we welcome a new dog into our care for rehoming. Their whole world as they know it has been turned upside down and they are now with new people, in a new environment.

Younger dogs quickly adapt to their new world and soon start bouncing around greeting us like best friends. However, it is the older dogs many seem to forget – after having lived many years in the comfort of their own home, with their family, their known routine, familiar smells and sounds they are suddenly removed to a new place, with new people, new sounds and a different routine.

We always ensure the transition for every dog is as smooth and comfortable as possible – showering them lots of attention and love but we find due to the older ages 7+ of these dogs not many people enquire about them.

They still need love, plenty of walks and a comfy sofa to snuggle on and as we all know, this breed doesn’t lack energy which is still plentiful even with a grey face.

If you are thinking about offering a home to a Vizsla – please don’t forget about the oldies.