Today is officially ‘blue monday’. It’s apparently the most miserable day of the year! The weather definitely isn’t helping and when are Monday’s ever good!!??

Well I thought I’d try and cheer you all up a little bit ¬†here are some more pictures of the amazing ZsaZsa. Some of you may remember her story from last year but those who don’t – she is a 13 year old gorgeous girl who needed our help as her family sadly had to move away. They weren’t going to be in a fixed country and couldn’t bare the thought of ZsaZsa having to stay in kennels for extended periods of time.

ZsaZsa was adopted by Jenny and her husband and she is living the life of pure luxury, filled with love, kisses and walks! She even has a new cousin – an older rescue Labrador who was adopted by Jenny’s sister. They adore each other and spend their time frolicking in the sea.

Jenny said to me “I can’t emphasise enough the joy this lady has brought to our lives and I keep banging on to everyone that older dogs have so much left to give, just give them a chance!”

I love hearing about how they are getting on and I think you’ll all agree she’s a lucky and beautiful girlie.

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