We have some absolutely amazingly wonderful news to share today!

Brecca our darling Spanish rescue has today flown the nest to start her new life with the wonderful Martin & Jane!

We are so thrilled she has found such an amazing pair to join – what a great family they make.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world beautiful Brecca – you will be missed at VR HQ ❤️

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Brecca

    1. Hi Thanks for your message.
      Sylvia could use a dog coat and her address is:

      Poplar Farm
      NG33 5AE

      Thaank you for thinking of us and we wish you a Merry Christmas.


  1. Hello –

    We are a family of 4 (girls 7 and 3) living in Madrid. I have had 5 dogs over my lifetime, both purebreds (Scottish Deerhound from New York State, Irish Setter from Connecticut and a German Shepherd from Bavaria (when I was living in Munich), as well as 2 mixed breed rescues.

    We are looking for a medium sized, well mannered dog – would be the girls’ first experience with a dog – and we are told that there is an unfortunate phenomenon here in Spain of hunters discarding Vizslas after a first few years of service. On the other hand, we aren’t finding any associations here who might act as an intermediary between us a and these abandoned animals.
    Any thoughts or leads would be appreciated.


    1. Hello Brendan
      Unfortunately we are a UK based charity only, sorry we dont allow adopters from outside the UK. We hope you are able to find a suitable dog in Spain instead.
      Best wishes
      The UK rescue team.

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